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The Book of Revelation & the Prophetc Word

Welcome, in the wonderful name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, to the Book of Revelation Website. The purpose of this site is to enlighten and enrich your understanding of the Book of Revelation and all of God's Prophetic Word. God's will is for every Christian to be equipped with the understanding of the Book of Revelation in preparation for the End Times. Without an accurate understanding of the Book of Revelation, we will stand unprepared for the most darkest time ahead.

However, our Father has given His Prophetic Word and wants to work these truths within our hearts, reaching for the point of us being sold out and becoming faithful witnesses. Time is short. We must prepare now for the time ahead when all things will be fulfilled. We need to be ready. This website is devoted to providing valuable resources (mostly free of charge) and other information regarding the prophetic Word. May these resources and information help you prepare for the coming of our Lord.